The Coldspring Area Public Library is a public service institution.  With the exception of the Library Director and an assistant to the Librarian, it is staffed by volunteers and funded by grants, the fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Library, and donations from individuals, public and civic organizations.

Coldspring Area Public Library is truly a testimony of what a community can accomplish when everyone works together for a common goal.  Originally promoted by the San Jacinto County Women's League, the Heritage Society, and the Friends of the Library, the Coldspring Area Public Library has become a valued cornerstone in the community.  Over 30 years after its founding, the library continues to expand its services to better meet the needs of our citizens.


The mission of the library is to offer library services to the Coldspring area providing access to information in many different formats while promoting knowledge, education, lifelong learning, and recreational enrichment for our patrons.  Our library also encourages the love of reading and joy of learning while creating a positive impact on the lives that we touch.


in order to help keep the doors open for normal operation, the library has gained the financial support by offering various fundraisers over the course of a year. The fundraisers help CAPL to maintain the current status in upgrades/updates, the addition of innovative materials and programs.  As the library is a non profit 501(c)3 organization, the fundraisers substantiate a financial base to pay salaries, upgrade technologies in the labs, bring new innovative technology and materials to the children, maintain/enhance the library with improvements, pay the bills, purchase and provide a critically cultivated  inventory –– and create events for the children and the adults.  The library is most appreciative of the support and continued loyalty from the community and individuals.   While the library strives to bring out the best––the community should come to expect no less!  The list of fundraisers that are currently on the calendar are:

Edith Clark Princess Tea Party - March 
Brookshire Brothers Checkout - April
Book Review/Dessert Party/Silent Auction - 
Patron Drive - September
Community Garage Sale - October 

Coldspring Area Public Library

14221 Hwy 150 W, Coldspring, Texas

Located between the Post Office and City of Coldspring office.

Fax  936-653-4628
email:  capl@eastex.net

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Coldspring  Area Public Library

Joy DeRaimo, Librarian

Barbara Ponter, Assistant Librarian