Joy DeRaimo, Librarian

Barbara Ponter & Annie Lee, Assistant Librarians

2019 Brookshire Round Up Event will take place Friday, March 30 - April 8th.  We thank all Brookshire customers for their generosity in their efforts to help our Public Library Fund Raising efforts.

The BROWNSTONE BOOK FUND has donated a gift of 100 new children’s books,
ranging from pre-kindergarten through early readers. These books were a donation from the
Brownstone Book Fund, a private foundation in New York City, interested in fostering early
reading, a love of books and encouraging parents and children to read together. Come to the
library to explore and enjoy our new collection.

Did you know that you can help our Coldspring Library every time you shop on Amazon? 

Before you buy, go to  Register your name and choose to donate a portion of your purchase to "Coldspring Library".

That's all!!!  How easy is that?  Call the Library if you have questions.

Coldspring  Area Public Library

Joy Deraimo, Carolyn Baker, Cathy Burgess, Ruth Cardenas, Sue Jackson, Manette Farber, Manager Harold DeWalt and Lisa Edward.  Manette Farber receives check from manager Harold DeWalt of Brookshire Brothers.

The results are in! The Brookshire Brothers’ 2018 Checkout Fundraiser held over the week of March 30 - April 7th, brought in $1800 for CAPL. Thanks to the efficient organization of Board Committee Chair, Manette Farber and generous contributions of nine gift cards for the checkout ladies, the fundraiser was able to get off to a rousing start.

Donations for the gift cards were made by Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schick, CAPL and Brookshire Brothers. This collaborative effort provided a successful outcome which follows a precedent of past participation with Brookshire Brothers as a partner in this fundraiser for the library. Many thanks go to Brookshire Brothers for their enthusiastic outreach to the community, once again.
The library is grateful to not only the community as always, but to the following checkout cashiers who were diligent to remind Brookshire shoppers to contribute by supporting the library with a donation on their way through the checkout. The deserving cashiers who were awarded the gift cards, were: Charlotte Cruz, Ruth Cardenas, Dee Moore and Ashley Kelly.

Thanks go these ladies for their enthusiastic spirit this year!